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Wednesday, April 17, 2013


So What Wednesday
This week I'm saying SO WHAT IF...

  • I forgot to grab breakfast this morning.  Hurray for 11:00 lunch!
  • I'm loving having control of the tv remote, but not that R is gone!
  • I'm like a kid on Christmas waiting for my Garmin to arrive!
  • I'm thrilled that the number of people coming to run the Fort 4 Fitness race keeps increasing! Come to my home town!
  • I'm excited that my carpets are getting cleaned today.
  • Holly made my day Monday!  I adore her!
  • a girl I went to HS with is trying to be my bestie because it's rumored that Mama Laughlin and Skinny Meg are coming for the F4F race. I will welcome almost anyone into my home, unless but not people who bullied me in HS {or one of my friends... ever}.
  • I'm at a loss on what to blog about this week.
  • I'm becoming to addicted to running outside.  I just wish the weather would cooperate!
  • I'm planning on being in bed at 8:30 tonight!!!


  1. I can't wait to come to your hometown!!! I'm so excited to meet you!

  2. Dang straight - mean girls beware - I may be a nice person but you screw with my friends and I turn into MAMA BEAR!!! and it ain't pretty. I might smile a lot but this big mouth can also turn evil. LOL

  3. Mean girls beware - that is NOT what this whole thing is about :) I talked to Marcy before I signed up and I was all are you sure Im not crashing your party and she said "That is not what this is about" and I agree - positive attitudes and healthy bodies :)

  4. Ummmmm ya MEAN GIRL is NOT welcome! That shit is funnnayyyyyyyyyyy though!!!

  5. Oh and I want a garmin dammit! LOL

  6. So jealous of everyone meeting up and running together! Sounds like it's going to be freaking amazing!
    Anyone want to run in SoCal? Anyone?

  7. What a crapshoot- I hate bullies. I'm glad you are loving running ... I'm still struggling!! What is the head count at now?

  8. Boo for bullies... so jealous of you getting your carpets cleaned! I think my carpets are beyond repair.