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Monday, April 29, 2013

24 Day Challenge Challenge

Hey friends!!  Yes, you are getting two posts in one day.

Summer {aka bikini season} is almost here.  Here's what I'm thinking....  As you all know, I am an independent distributor for Advocare.  I want to start a 24 Day Challenge challenge.  

This post is to see how many of you would be interested.

Here's how it would work...
You order your 24 Day Challenge through the button below.

I will set a starting date.  On that day you must email me (ashley{dot}hoppus{at}gmail{dot}com) with a picture of your weight ALONG with the date written on a piece of paper.  Once the 24 Days Challenge is over, you must emal me again with a picture of your finishing weight with the date written on a piece of paper.  

The person who loses the highest percentage of weight wins.
CHANGE:  Winner gets a box of some of my favorite things... {hint, hint} workout swagg and $100.

Whose interested?  This is NOT a definite challenge yet.  I'm just finding out who all would be interested.

Sidenote:  I have done my research.  I read through my AdvoCare Distributorship agreement and asked Independent Distributors higher up than me. 

If you have a comment that I'm doing something against my AdvoCare Distributorship, please at least put your name and reply email on your comment.

25 Random Things

I'm late to the party, but nonetheless, here I am.  
This is going to be a quick post, without pictures.... {blogger fail, I know}. Sorry.
Several of you did this post last week, but I was so swamped I ran out of time to post it.  

Let's get started...

1.  I am OCD about the way my clothes hang in my closet.  They must be arranged by color and sleeve length with the tag facing left.

2.  My favorite color is red.

3.  My right shoulder hangs lower than my left one.

4.  I share my middle name with my Grandma.

5.  I have six piercings. 

6.  My favorite number is 6.

7.  I can almost lick my elbow.  {If you want proof, ask Meredith.}

8.  It's not hard to convince me to hang out with my friends.  Even if it's 10:30pm and I'm in my pajamas.  Just give me 30 minutes to get ready again.

9.  My favorite things to buy are shoes and summer dresses.

10.  I could spend all day, everyday at the beach.

11. I split my lip open when I was a kid, running through the halls of my church, then tried washing off the stitches after eating Oreo cookies.

12.  I dislocated my right shoulder in 2007, hence the reason for it now hanging lower than the left.

13.  I split my head open in 2011 in Mexico with a solid wood noise maker than you twirl around.  It bled like CRAZY and probably needed stitches or a staple, but I certainly wasn't going to have either of those done in Mexico.  There is still a dent on my head from the way he healed.

14.  My favorite holiday is the 4th of July.

15.  Outside of school or the gym, you will rarely find me wearing flats.

16.  My favorite fruit is pineapple.

17.  I could easily be a germaphobe if I let myself.

18.  Sweeper lines make me happy.

19.  Both of my thumbs are double jointed.

20.  I can wiggle one ear.

21.  I could eat my weight in cheese.  LOVE IT!

22. I am not a huge fan of chocolate.

23.  My morning routine has to be done in a certain order.  If it's not done in that order, something will be forgotten -- usually mascara.  Ugh.

24.  I still have my tonsils.

25.  I do not touch raw meat.  GAG!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Real and Honest

This post has been a long time coming. 

Last month I bought these pants as "goal pants".  I tried them on, not knowing if they would fit and the did!  They are more snug than I would like them to be, but they fit.  Ever since then, they have been hanging, just like this, on my mirror as motivation.  I see them everyday, several times a day.  I have yet to try them on again.  Not sure when I will.   But I do know my ultimate goal is to wear them when I go to StL in June.  

 Last night I somehow developed the courage to put my bikini on and take a picture.  I sent the picture to Mel as an accountability thing.  Now today, I'm sharing it with all of you.  Before I do though, please know I am a work in progress.  I have never loved what I see when looking in the mirror wearing in a bikini or less.  I wrote about that here.  In the last three months I have been incorporating more strength training and less cardio into my gym routine.  I am starting to see progress.  

I posted this on IG a couple weeks ago.  It didn't bother me, mostly because my upper body isn't my "problem area".  I carry my weight in my hips and thighs.  My upper body has never been especially strong, so I was excited to see this much progress.  

As for the rest of me.  Please know as I type this, I am having a huge internal debate with myself about pushing "publish".  I know once it's out there, I can't take it back.  Please be kind.

Please don't ask how much I weight, because I don't know.  I use to get on the scale far too often.  I'm talking several times a day.  When I started incorporating weights into my workout routine, I stopped weighing myself.  It wasn't easy, but I did it.  I am trying not to focus so much on the number on the scale and more on how I feel.  While I do feel better, I don't yet feel great.  Like I said, I am a work in progress.

This is real.
This is me.  And I have feelings.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

My First Buttons

Happy Tuesday, world!

If you know me in real life, you know that I am NOT blog savvy AT ALL!  I know how to write a post, but that's about it.  Banner and button making.... not a clue.  

Cue Chris {aka Hubby Jack, aka Blog Design expert} and Mel {aka Big Sexy}.  

When I went to the Lou to watch Mel, Holly, Laura-who-doesn't-blog-but-will-soon-because-BigHolly-came-out-of-retirement, and the Memphis girls {aka Lora, Laura, and Meredith} run their half, Mel got the brilliant idea of putting my AdvoCare button on her blog!  {Why didn't I think of this?!?}  Just one problem... I didn't have an AdvoCare button or any button at all.  So being the lovely friend she is, she contacted Chris and asked him to make me one! 

A couple days later -- Ta-Da!!!  Homegirl has her first buttons!!  Yes, that's plural!  Chris was generous enough to make a button for my 24 Day Challenge bundle as well as a button for the 10 Day Cleanse bundle! 

If you are interested in starting a healthy lifestyle or simply ridding your body of the unnecessary waste we carry around, click the buttons I have posted below and check out the 24 Day Challenge or the 10 Day Cleanse.  They will also be over there on the right all the time.  I have done both and HIGHLY recommend them.  I would never sell a product I didn't believe in.  I continue to take several AdvoCare products daily - Mango Strawberry Spark being my favorite.  I also take the Omega Plex, Catalyst, and ThermoPlus daily as well. 

If you want to read more about my journey with AdvoCare, you can do that here.  

If you have any questions you can email me (ashley{dot}hoppus{at}gmail{dot}com) and I will happily suggest some products for you.  

Have a great Tuesday!  Do something today, to make you a better person tomorrow!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Weekend Recap

How is it Monday again???  

I won't lie... I throughly enjoyed the unexpected three day weekend.  It was nice to be able to stay at home with R on Friday.  He's been traveling for work and got home around 9am on Friday.  Of course he went to bed immediately (he's been working over nights), but I was able to get some housework done while he slept so we could enjoy Saturday and Sunday before he had to leave again for work.

Saturday morning we went down to the town where I teach and worked a race that benefits my school's PTO.  We were going to run, but they desperately needed workers so we took that route.  It was COLD!!  I kept doing jumping jacks, squats, and jogging around to stay warm. 

After the race we ran a few errands then had a movie night at home that evening.

Sunday we went to church then to my grandparents house for lunch.  R left around 2:00 to go back to work.  I got home around 5 and decided do bust out a run while it was still nice out.  

It wasn't my best run - I had side cramps the whole time - but I didn't quit.   

Tonight is McTeacher night at our local McDonalds.   Basically the teachers work and our PTO gets 20% of the profits for the 4 hour time span.  This should be interesting.  I'm scheduled to work for an hour -- but will probably stay longer.   Fingers crossed this McTeacher Night will provide some good blog material for tomorrow... 

Friday, April 19, 2013

Three Day Weekend

Hey, hey, hey!

I'm keeping this short and sweet today.  I unexpectedly got a three day weekend because of FLOODING!  This is the first time school has ever been canceled due to flooding.  

Here's a couple pictures some of the teachers I work with posted on Facebook....

There is a creek that flows back deep in those trees.... now it's a river.

I have heard there are cars under water in this county as well.  Prayers to everyone whose homes have been flooded.  

I'm off to the gym to put my new Garmin to use!  Boom!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Finish The Sentence Link Up


Today I'm linking up with my love, Holly, and her love Jake, to finish the sentence.

I laughed so hard I cried when... I had the following conversation with one of my kindergartners.

    Me:   "You should be a comedian when you grow up."
    Boy:  ::give me strange look::
    Me:   "Do you know what a comedian is?"
    Boy:  "Uhhh, yeaaaahh.  It's a kind of lizard."

My high school...  was very large!  I had roughly 450 people in my graduating class.

It realls pisses me off... when people are extremely closed minded.  Who are we to tell someone how they should live/think/feel?

In 10 years... I'll be 40!!  Holy crap!!!!!

If I could erase one thing... it would be the haircut I just HAD to get in 2nd grade.  YIKES.  Otherwise, every experience and scar makes me who I am today.

In 1999... I was partying like it's 1999.  -- Not really, but I had to throw in the Prince reference.  I was 17 and in high school.

Honestly... what you see is what you get!

To me, sushi... is DELICIOUS!  I could eat it everyday!

Someone really needs to invent... longer weekends!  And beer that makes you lose weight!

The first time I drank alcohol...  I was in high school {sorry Mom}
.  A friend and I split a beer from her parents fridge.  We sat outside sipping our beers talking about how gross it was, but thinking we were so cool.

The one question I would ask God is...  Who shot JKF?

Lindsay Lohan... needs to discover Victoria's Secret.  Apparently homegirl bought a one way ticket on the Hot Mess Express.  YIKES! 

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


So What Wednesday
This week I'm saying SO WHAT IF...

  • I forgot to grab breakfast this morning.  Hurray for 11:00 lunch!
  • I'm loving having control of the tv remote, but not that R is gone!
  • I'm like a kid on Christmas waiting for my Garmin to arrive!
  • I'm thrilled that the number of people coming to run the Fort 4 Fitness race keeps increasing! Come to my home town!
  • I'm excited that my carpets are getting cleaned today.
  • Holly made my day Monday!  I adore her!
  • a girl I went to HS with is trying to be my bestie because it's rumored that Mama Laughlin and Skinny Meg are coming for the F4F race. I will welcome almost anyone into my home, unless but not people who bullied me in HS {or one of my friends... ever}.
  • I'm at a loss on what to blog about this week.
  • I'm becoming to addicted to running outside.  I just wish the weather would cooperate!
  • I'm planning on being in bed at 8:30 tonight!!!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Heavy Heart

As someone who is beginning to train for my first half marathon, the events of yesterday's Boston Marathon really hit home.  These people have trained for months, even years to complete this run.  Their families and community members went to support them.  Such a sad event.  So many lives will never be the same.

Such a scary, messed up world we live in.

May God be with those injured and their families as they search to understand this.

My prayers are with you, Boston.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Thoughts On A Thursday

  • I want another tattoo.  Maybe this summer??
  • I need to go to the grocery (I loathe this chore, almost as much as I loathe pinstripes.)
  • R is traveling for work for the next three weeks so it will just be Fenway and I. This means one thing - Very little cooking!  Salads and steamed veggies for dinner most nights.  Perhaps some grilled chicken mixed in there too.
  • June 21st.
  • I need to get my carpets cleaned.
  • September 28th. 
  • We should probably do some landscaping before then.
  • Maybe Skinny Meg will paint my house in September {a girl can dream}.
  • I'm hungry.
  • I miss having dinner with my Mom every Monday.
  • I really need to go to bed earlier.
  • Is 'ain't' in the dictionary?  This was the argument of one of my third grade classes this morning.
  • I need some sun and sand in my life.
  • PTL tomorrow is FRIDAY!!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Jumping Mental Hurdles

It's Wednesday!!  That means one thing... REST DAY!

I mentioned in my post yesterday about running outside.  I know for some of you, outside is the only place you run.  That's not the case for me.  When I first started running I couldn't run a mile without walking.  I remember getting into my car and calling my mom the first time I ran a mile on the treadmill without walking.  I was so proud of myself.  Slowly, I increased my speed and distances.  If I get on a treadmill now, I can easily crank out 4-5 miles at a 9:15/mile pace.

Outside is a different story.  
I struggle BIG TIME when I run outside.  
Running is incredibly hard for me mentally when I get outside. 
I have run through my neighborhood a few time, and I know if I go down every cal-de-sac it's a 2.84 mile loop.  Before Monday, that 2.84 miles was my limit outside {except for the one 5K I ran this past December}.  I know the streets in my neighborhood so well, that while running I can only think about how far I still have to go, and mentally, I cash out.  

Monday I tried something new.  I drove to an elementary school three miles from my house and ran along some paved trails my city has.  These trails are awesome.  The city has done an amazing job building trails all over the place.  If they wanted to, someone could actually run/walk/bike from one side of the city to the other on these trails. 

The route I ran Monday, had neighborhoods along it.  I turned into one of the neighborhoods thinking, "I've never been in here, let's check it out."  I figured I would just run down the sidewalks in this neighborhood and see where it took me.  Well, the neighborhood turned out to be bigger than I though and at one point I had to get my phone out and use the GPS feature to figure out how to get out of the neighborhood.  I had my Nike+ App running, but focused on not looking at it so I wouldn't psych myself out.  

It was a windy day and the neighborhood was hilly.  I was so afraid of burning myself out and still having to get back to my car that I cut that run shorter than I could have.  I was disappointed when I got back to my car, stopped my run, and felt like I could have kept going.  I was however satisfied with the 3.4 miles I had run feeling great!  It wasn't fast, but I was more focused on pacing myself for more distance than speed.  

I have 5 months to work on speed.

When I got home and really looked at the route I had run, I discovered I had run down all but about five streets in that neighborhood.  So, I set the goal for yesterday of running every street in that neighborhood, then coming out a different entrance and back to my car.  Knowing roughly what my running route would look like was mentally a HUGE mistake.  Having a visual image in my mind of roughly how many streets I had already run and how many I had left to do was mentally very hard for me.  

But, I didn't give up. 

I walked up a few hills that were really steep where the wind was blowing in my face and I thought I was going to die, but I didn't quit.   When I got back to my car and stopped my Nike+ App, I was thrilled to see I had gone 4.7 miles.  That was a new outside distance PR for me.  My fastest pace was a 9:17 mile and my slowest was a 10:32 mile.  Not to shabby.

I definitely learned that I do better when I don't have a set route planned.  My next outside run will be through a series of neighborhoods that all connect together.  I think I'll focus more on just running until I can't anymore and less on turing around when I think I might be at my "half way" point.  I don't know yet what my half way point feels like and I know I'm cheating myself out of doing more when I pick a point and think, "yea, this is probably half way, I should turn around now."  

I haven't officially started my death sentence half training yet.  Right now I am working on pushing away the negative thoughts of "I can't do this" to see what my body is really capable of.  The mental discomfort is my biggest challenge right now.  My breathing has been great and my legs feel fantastic when I'm pounding the pavement.

Slowly, but sure, I'll get to where I need to be for my half. I cannot express how excited I am about the group of friends I have coming to run this with me.  When I sent Holly a text yesterday asking if she was really coming out of retirement to run this with me, she replied with, "Of course!  I can't make you do it yourself!"   She's treasure!  

My next big running item -- buying a GPS watch.  I really want the Garmin 610, but don't want to fork over the dolla doll bills to get it.  Perhaps for now I'll stick with smaller purchases such as BodyGlide. You know, the necessities.  

Such is life....