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Monday, August 30, 2010


I've decided it's time for a change.

Don't get too excited. I'm starting small. Partly because I was raised Methodist and change isn't our thing, and partly because I just can't make up my mind.

I started with my blog. I decided the old background was just that... old. That was the original background I set up when I started this journey. It was time for a change.

Next comes Fenway. He's been eating the same puppy food since he was a wee little guy. He's over a year old now, so it's time to make the transition to "big boy" dog food. It's time for a change.

On to making my bed. I used to be really good at making my bed daily. Then Ross left. Once Ross left, I stopped making the bed every morning. I don't know why, but it feels so much better crawling into bed when it has been made. The sheets feel more fresh. I'm going to start making my bed daily again. It's time for a change.

Now for the biggest change. Getting up earlier. I need to start getting up early enough to eat a healthy breakfast at home instead of keeping a stash of poptarts in my desk at school. Sure, that's the easy option, but it's not the best option. It's time for a change.

Here comes the hard part... putting change into action.

Wish me luck.....

Thursday, August 19, 2010

These Things I Know For Sure.....

... school has officially started - and I miss summer!
... my family pretty much owns my heart!
... I have a crazy, energetic and mischievous dog, but I love him!
... there are three fantastic girls I have grown to love tremendously! They are my WaWa's!
... wing night with the B Dubbs Crew is perhaps my favorite night of the week!
... I have found very few things that cannot be cured with a good girlfriend and a glass of wine.
... the state of South Carolina has a special place in my heart.
... my husband is my hero.
... being by myself is not my idea of a good time.
... photography is perhaps my favorite form of self expression.
... fireworks make me proud to be an American - they bring tears to my eyes.
... I live for opening day of football season and baseball season - and two hour delays.
... I proudly wear a KIA bracelet for an incredibly honorable soldier - I wish I could have met him.
... Jesus is one cool dude!
... Mega Smartie Lolly Pops are my favorite candy.
... the older I get, the more my Mom becomes my best friend.
... 108 days without my husband is 108 days TOO MANY!!
... my brother makes me one incredibly lucky sister!
... my job is the most rewarding career I could have chosen.
... I am blessed to still have all four of my grandparents.
... my dream as a child was to be as tall as my Uncle Dan (6'4") - today I'm thrilled to be a foot short of that dream!
... this life I am living is not always glamorous.
... with God ALL things are possible!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Day 92

Ross has been gone for 92 days. Can't wait for him to come home for Christmas!!! I still miss him as much as I did on May 4th. One day at a time....