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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

You Gotta Love Them

Thanksgiving is over, unless your part of my family... in that case we still have one get together this coming weekend.  My Dad's family is more spread out.  By spread out I mean north central Indiana, southeastern Michigan, and northeastern Indiana, central Indiana, and Chicago.  We seem to have a hard time getting everyone together so usually our family gatherings are about a week after the actual date.  

This year we are going down to my grandparents property {about 25 minutes southwest of my crib} and having out usual crazy get together. These usually consist of my grandpa, my parents, R and myself, my brother and SIL, two aunts, two uncles, and a random amount of cousins.  Sometimes the all come, sometimes just a few come.  Usually it turns into a giant game night with many laughs and the occasional prayer similar to the one Aly's aunt provided.  More often than not there is some kind of "hidden" adult beverage consumed by one of my family members who seems to think we don't notice all the trips out to the car or the aroma of booze seeping out of their pores.  

This weekend we are supposed to be going through my grandma's possessions to get the house ready for my cousin and his wife to move into.  {Side note: The land the house is on is the same land my grandma grew up on.  I think it's totally awesome that it's staying in the family.}  Therefore there will probably be some tears from one of my aunts, who is perhaps the most sentimental person I have ever met.  

My family is far from perfect, but guess what?  Your's isn't perfect either.  My family is my world. Regardless of our disfunction, we love each other usually and we have each other's backs.  

Ahh, family gatherings....  Here's hoping I'll have a good story to bring you all after our get together!


  1. My Mother's side of the family is so crazy, most don't even speak to each other anymore. When I go to visit, I just act like nothings wrong and stay out of the drama, glad I don't have to go often :) My Dad's family rocks, they are the ones that live in South Bend :)

  2. Love it! We have the secret drinkers too. I want to say come on people I can smell the natty light a mile away! LOL

  3. I can definitely relate to your dysfunctional but wonderful family..I have to sometimes take a step back and realize that while they have their quirks, they'd still do anything for me! Enjoy your weekend:)