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Thursday, November 29, 2012

My Inner Snob

Alright gals, here's the deal.  R sees me as a laid back, girl-next-door type that doesn't get all hyped up about material things. His thinking is probably because I pay the bills and as long as I'm still buying things that "just appear" around the house sane he knows we still have money {and the fact that I can hold my own with his guys while throwing back a few Miller Lites}.  

While there are a lot of things I am laid back about there are other things that bring out my inner snob.  So, here we go.  I realize this makes me look incredibly unlikable, but we all have our things.....  Here are a few of mine {what, did you really think I was going to list everything for you?  I would like you to come back, thankyouverymuch.}

...use fill-in-the-blank invitations.  There are so many cute {and affordable} options out there that look professional.
...leave your dishes in the sink.  Ask R how many "tutorials" he has gotten over the years about how to open and load the dishwasher. cheap shampoo {trust me, your hair will thank you}.
...leave your clean laundry in the basket {that's why you have a dresser.... use it}.
...wear pajamas out in public.  Unless you are going to Walmart and want to fit in, that's not a good look.
...over tan!!  While having that sun-kissed glow is nice, being an oompa-loompa is not attractive. Period. cheap shoes.  If you're a heels girl, like I am, your feet will thank you for getting the better shoes.

DO... store brand cereal {especially if your husband and/or kids eat as much of it as R does}.  It tastes the same as the expensive stuff and usually you get more. your wine in a box {I don't know who the genius was that discovered 3 bottles can fit into a box, but I'm pretty sure I have a huge crush on that person}.
...use an eyeshadow primer - creased eyeshadow isn't a good look for anyone.
...use quality skin care products {my mom instilled in me the theory that it's okay to spend a little extra on your skin}. good sheets and bath towels.  Nothing is better than climbing into a bed with soft sheets or getting out of the shower and wrapping up in a fluffy towel.
...treat yourself to the occasional massage.  You're worth it.

So there you have it.  Am I a terrible person for having these opinions?  What is on your Do and Don't list? 


  1. I totally agree about the clothes. Also make sure they go into the dirty clothes basket. It's not hard!! And I refuse to let my hubby do dishes. Waste of time BC I have to redo it.

  2. Hahahaha - aside from overtanning, I pretty much commit all of your Don'ts (aside from the dishwasher one...) I ain't even mad at'cha. I just hope you can look past my laundry laziness and my affinity for cheap shit and we can still be friends.

  3. I am a cereal snob! I can only have name brand. :-)

  4. Ok- what brand of shampoo do you use? I committ the cheap shampoo sin. Yet I just bought expensive NARS makeup. I'm a conundrum.