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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Kid Table

Ever since I can remember there have always been two tables at holiday meals with my Dad's side of the family, the kid table and the adult table.  That was all fine and dandy when our ages ranged from 6-13 -- flash forward 22 years {I fall in the middle of the age range, let's not assume I'm older than I am} and the image you will see at our holiday get-togethers is still a similar scene, except now the "kid" table consists of a bunch of 27-35 year olds {and our spouses} and there has been a new kid table added for my cousin's kids.  The adult table is still in the dining room, the "kid" table is still in the living room, and the legit kid table is usually closer to the adult table than it is to the "kid" table.  Truth be told, we like it that way.  We have been invited to sit at the adult table on many occasions, but we like having our own "kid" table.  We enjoy each others company and I can probably guarantee our conversations are far more fun and mature colorful than the "real" adults.  

One of my favorite memories over the last 30 years is the laughs we have shared until our sides hurt and mashed potatoes came our of my our noses {I kid....ish} at the kid table.  

So this Thanksgiving, I raise my glass of cardbordeaux and toast to my cousin's and our spouses and the bond we have formed while sitting at the kid table.

While you spend time with your family this weekend, please take time to remember those overseas who cannot spend the holiday with their family. {Shout out to my BIL in Afghanistan - We love you, Reed!}

Happy Thanksgiving all! 

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  1. Ever since I can remember I never sat at the kid table, maybe because I was the oldest of 4 or because I was so bossy but I was always at the adult table :) I usually get my way though, ha!