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Tuesday, November 13, 2012


I can't stinking wait for tonight!  

My best mate, Brooke, and I are going on an adventure.  First on our journey is a little junk shop {recommended by my Dad} that sells old knobs, doors, frames and other fun bits.  I might be in junk Heaven.

Next on the agenda is Hob Lob - their knobs are 50% off this week.  I'm hoping to find some at the junk shop, but I can't pass up 50% off.  I better go take a look at least.  I'm also picking up some scrapbook paper, paint, a stencil, and some twine to make a banner - can't say what it's for.... yet.

Our next stop includes Home Depot!  I need/want a staple gun to make a new headboard for our room. I also want to look at the paint.  

Finally, we decided after all that excitement we may need to stop and refuel with a glass of wine.  

Pics of my finds to come.

Happy Tuesday!!


  1. Haha- sounds like my kinda' night! Junk stores, craft stores, home stores.... PERFECT!! I totally asked for a staple gun for Christmas, lol!

  2. ugh, I WANNA GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!