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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

24 Day Challenge - Day 6

Yesterday was day 6.  I am LOVING this!!  For the first time in MONTHS, I was not worried about going to WW and getting on the scale for my weigh in.  In my typical "I must be prepared fashion," I weighed myself at home before leaving.  I know, weird considering I knew I had lost.  I guess I wanted to know roughly how much I had lost.  

Once arriving at WW, I took my shoes off (what, you think I'm crazy enough to add unnecessary ounces to my weight -- I don't think so!) and stepped in the scale.  The number I saw shocked me!  It read 1.8 pounds BELOW what my scale at home read.  The gal at the computer doing the weigh-ins looked at the scale, looked at my log book, looked back at the scale, then looked at me.  I smiled and told her what she was seeing is probably correct.  She admitted that she needed to double check because a weight loss like I had just recorded was rare.  Thanks to my cleanse, my WW log recorded a 4.8 pound LOSS last week!!  WOOT!  I couldn't help but grin from ear to ear.  

During the meeting I announced my loss during the celebration time.  The leader asked me what I had done differently.  I said a little about this challenge, being careful not to name the company my supplements are through.  I did admit that I had not been tracking my foods -- oops!  After we left my mom told me I probably should not have admitted that.  Basically what I had done was admit at a WW meeting that I am using a system that is not theirs and lost 4.8 pounds in a week.  I guess hind-sight is 20/20 after all (or if you're my former carpool buddy it's 50/50).  

Yesterday's food log:
7:35 - SPARK and pro-biotoc vitimans
8:00 - breakfast - raspberries and omega 3's
12:10 - lunch - salad of spinach, goat cheese, strawberries, sunfolwer seeds, and light raspberry vinaigrette; apple with organic pb, and omega 3's
6:45 - dinner - Pizza Hut salad bar w/ lo cal dressing.
10:30 - Herbal cleanse vitamins

I did manage to get to the gym after dinner and cranked out a good three mile run.  Unfortunately, the gal running next to me had a rather large and not well supported/covered bosom and had several nip slips.  EEK!  

Weight loss:  -1 (-6 total)
BMI: -.1% (-.5% total)

Stay tuned.... my dash isn't complete.

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