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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Facts of Me

I'm linking up with the hilarious Whitney over at I Wore Yoga Pants for this fun post with facts about me.  After all any time I can talk about myself I'm a happy girl {I kid, I kid....ish}.

Fact- When I was in middle school I went an entire year wearing nothing by kahki's to school.  
No, we did not have uniforms.  I was just that cool.

Fact - I am very protective of my friends.  I consider them to be family.  When they hurt, I hurt.

Fact- My cousin is one of my best friends. 
His wedding day was one of my favorite days together.
And his wife is just as awesome as he is.

Fact - My dream job is to be a professional vacationer.
Beach, mountains, lake, middle of BFE - destination doesn't matter.  I LOVE to travel.

Fact - I have guns.


Fact - I can make balloon animals.

Fact - Black and white photography is my favorite. 
Color shows clothing, black and white shows the soul.

Fact - I can sleep anytime, anywhere - except in an airplane.

Fact - My sense of smell is extremely strong.  My nose picks up on the slightest change in what it considers to be "normal."

Fact - I'm terrible at returning phone calls.  If you call me, don't bother leaving a voicemail. I probably won't call you back.  Nothing personal.

Fact - I am a very black and white person.  Something either is or it isn't.  
There isn't much in-between with me.

Fact - I love smashed potatoes. Sweet potatoes are a totally different store.
Those two shouldn't even be in the same food family.  

Fact - I could eat Velveeta Shells and Cheese every. single. day.

Fact - R and I never use our kitchen table.
If it was socially acceptable, we probably wouldn't have one.

Fact - I love eyeshadow.  I own too much of it!!

Fact - Tonight is Taco Tuesday and I cannot wait!

Have a great day, Rockstars!!!


  1. How do we get signed up to have Samantha Brown's job? She just travels, boozes, and eats... and gets PAID for it. That bia!!

  2. FACT: you match your computers with you headbands.
    FACT: You have black stuck in your white person that enables you to rap like the dickens!