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Tuesday, January 29, 2013


It's been an entire week since I've blogged.... YIKES! 
Where have I been??  The gym.  That's right ladies {and Hubby Jack} I've been at the gym.

I've turned over a new leaf {what does this saying even mean?}.  Now, let me backtrack by saying I have been going to the gym for several years... but I was going two or three times a week and calling that "good enough".  Lately I have been going daily.  I pack my gym back and take it to school with me {being sure to take it inside with me too, because putting on clothes that have been sitting out in the car when it's 19 degrees outside is NOT a good time}.  I have been running, using the stair master, and riding the spin bikes {not brave enough to join a spin class yet}.  I am also throwing in some strength training because I know that's the best way to change the shape of my body.  

I'm not seeing a difference yet, but I am determined to make my Operation Red Bikini goal.  So I'll keep working. 

Happy Tuesday, Rockstars!


  1. Do a spin class! It is such a great workout and working out with other is so inspirational!!! Just try it once and see how you like it :)

    1. Well that sounded way more bossy than I meant for it to! haha

  2. You are awesome - WTG girl - you are going to rock that bikini - I know it.

  3. 19 degree clothes Hahahaha I was just about to lecture you for not blogging. You saved yourself!