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Monday, January 21, 2013

Goals and ORB

I do best with my running when I have goals.  So here we go...  R and I are going on vacation with my family this summer...  The destination where we will be vacationing is 471 miles away.  We are leaving for said destination in 159 days.  So, my goal, over the next 159 days, is to run 471 miles. It comes out to almost exactly 3 miles a day. No, I will not be running every. single. day.  So, there will be {many} times when I run more than 3 miles at a given time.  I have a little calendar I will use to track my miles. Don't worry, I'll do some updates every once in a while.   I have been thinking about places to run, other than around my neighborhood.  My neighborhood is a good area, but it's gets boring seeing the same scenery when I run {the #1 reason I hate the treadmill -- BORING}.  There are sidewalks close to my house that go for miles and miles and miles.  There is also a county park not too far away that I'm sure has some trails I could run on.  If I'm going to go 471 miles, I'm going to have to get creative.


I other news.... I bought my #ORB suite the other day!!!

I love the fringe trend going on right now, but I have the chest of a 12 year old boy it's just not me, so I went simpler.  I ended up with this top {from} and a charcoal grey bottom {from Target}.  I'm excited for them to arrive.  I have several tops that will be cute paired with the grey bottoms, so that's an added bonus.

If I'm brave I'll post a picture of myself in them for a "before" shot.  Eek.  Just the thought of that scares the $hit out of me.  

Mama Laughlin posted the quote below on her Facebook page the other day.

 It was one of those 'perfect timing' things.  I had just written about my body image issues {and received awesome support from some of you ladies - THANKS!!!}.  I typed this quote out and now have it stuck to the mirror in my bathroom, the dashboard of my car, and my computer.  It will be my motivation to get to the gym on the days when I don't necessarily feel like it.  

That's all I have today.  I'm off to the gym after school to get my run in - at least 4 miles, and then home to make stuffed peppers for dinner.  It's Bachelor night so of course, I'll be tuning in with my best friend.  

Happy Monday, Rockstars!!

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  1. Ohhh yeah.. I love it girl.. Super cute suit. You can totally do this - I know it. You got those miles in the bag;)