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Sunday, January 13, 2013

A to Z -- All About Me

Alright floks... here's everything  you always wanted to know about me.  You're welcome.  :)

A. Age: Officially 30 and a half today. -- Gifts welcome.

B. Bed size: Queen.  It's perfect unless our fur child is trying to sleep between us.  Then it's like cramming three people in a twin bed.

C. Chore you hate:  Folding laundry.  I don't mind washing it, but I loathe folding.

D. Dogs: LOVE them!  Fenway is our fur-baby.  

My snuggle buddy.

I could probably count on one hand the number of times
Fenway has snuggled with R.

No, he's not at all spoiled.  :) 

These are my brother and SIL's pets, Henry and Cat.  Yes, Henry is sitting on Cat.  :) 

E. Essential start to your day: Drinking a Spark.  

F. Favorite color: Grey and pink -- I'm really digging teal right now, too.

G. Gold or Silver: Depends.  I used to be a gold fan, but now I'm a silver {read: white gold} girl. I still have my moments when I prefer gold.

H. Height: 5'5' -- On a good day.

I. Instruments you play: I used to play the flute, but haven't played anything in years.

J. Job Title: teacher -- changing the future of America, one child at a time.

K. Kids: None, yet.  

L. Live: everyday to the fullest -- in the great state of Indiana.

M. Married:  Absolutely.  I have a lifelong sidekick.  He's so lucky.

N. Nicknames: Friends call me Ash, R calls me 'babe'.

O. Overnight hospital stays: None that I recall.  {thank goodness!!}

P. Pet peeve: People chewing with their mouth open.  GROSS.

Q. Quote: "But by the grace of God, I am what I am." 1 Corinthians 15:10

R. Righty or Lefty: Right.... always.

S. Siblings:  One brother, his beautiful wife, and R's two younger brothers.

T. Time you wake up: Depends... During the school year: 6:30.  
On weekends and in the summer: whenever my eyes open.

U. University attended:  Ball State

V. Vegetables you dislike:  Asparagus.  

W. What makes you run late: Thinking I can get ready, let the dog out, and walk out of the house must quicker than I actually can.

X. X-rays you've had: My right shoulder in 2007.  Major dislocation.

Y. Yummy food: I am a pasta lover.  Anything pasta.  

Z. Zoo animal favorite: Pigs and elephants.


  1. I love pasta too... whenever we go to a new restaurant I always get the pasta dish and then try whatever Jonathan ordered... I'm such a chicken and know I will always love pasta! haha it's so good and one of the main reasons I can't do the whole "no carb" thing...

  2. Mmmmmm pasta - me want now. LOL... What is a Spark - if you don't mind me asking?