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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Something Happened

Yesterday started like a typical Tuesday.  I went to school, taught 6 classes, thought about beating my head against a wall at least twice, and came home to get a work out in.  During the afternoon I had already decided to run outside.  Once I got home, I set the goal to run 6 miles.  That is two laps through my neighborhood and would be the farthest distance I have ever ran at one time.

As I took off running, I was going at a 9:15 mile pace for the first two and a half miles.  I knew if I was to go the entire 6 miles I needed to slow down.  There was one point {while still on my first lap} I wasn't sure if I would be able to keep going for another whole lap.  As I passed my house after completing lap one, I stopped briefly to take a drink from the water bottle I had left outside.  That reenergized me and I kept going.  Before I knew it, I looked down at my watch and I was at 5.6 miles.  I had just 4 tenths of a mile remaining. 

I was going to do it.  

I had set the goal to complete my 6 miles is less that 1 hour and 10 minutes.  I knew that was far more than a ten minute mile pace, but since this was the longest distance I had ever run, I didn't want to kill myself {read: frustrate myself and quit because my mind told me I couldn't do it}.  

I finished my run in 1:06.  

I did it.

It was slower than I would have liked and I walked more times than I would have liked.  But I did it.  It wasn't a perfect run, but my neighbor told me when I got back, "each time you run, that distance will get easier and easier."  He's right.   And at the time, that was just the thing I needed to hear. 

I cannot say I have experienced "runners high" yet, but I did feel the incredible sense of accomplishment and pride when I finished this run.  

Something happened yesterday.... I became a runner.


  1. That is awesome!! I swear that one day I am going to be able to run like you ladies. I am going to get through this stupid couch to 5k if it kills me!!

  2. Congrats! I'm hoping to one day call myself that as well....we will see.

  3. WTG girl... that is awesome and feels so good to accomplish. So proud of you.

  4. SO AWESOME!!! You should be SO SO proud!!

  5. I love this post - GREAT JOB :) That's incredible! I love running for this post alone :)

  6. YAY!! Great job lady!! Just keep running. It does get easier. :)

  7. You freaking are amazing!!! I will never forget the first time I ran 5 miles. I thought I was on top of the world because I never before knew it was something I could do.

    Keep it up! That half ain't got nothin on you!

  8. way to freaking go! that half is gonna be your B!