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Sunday, May 12, 2013

24 Day Challenge, Challenge

Hey ladies!  I apologize for just now getting this out. Yesterday was my grandma's 80th birthday and it slipped my mind to post this....

Code for the 24 Day Challenge photo is: MOTHER'S DAY

Email me (ashley{dot}hoppus{at}gmail{dot}com) either today or tomorrow morning.  I will not accept entries later than tomorrow morning.

In your email must be a picture of the code word and starting weight ON THE SCALE. 

Based on how many emails I get, I'll officially determine prizes.  Like I stated in an earlier post, because we did not get enough people to purchase the 24 Day Challenge, I will not be giving out the original prizes.  HOWEVER, based on the number of people that email me, there will be prizes given out. 

Those doing just the 10 Day Cleanse are NOT eligible for this challenge.

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