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Monday, September 30, 2013

Weekend and First Half Marathon Race Recap

The weekend I had been waiting for since April has come and gone.  My first half marathon, the Fort4Fitness, is in the books.  If I could sum it up in one statement I would say it was everything I had hoped for, plus more.

Friday I worked a half day then went into town to meet Megan and Brandi.  To say I was nervous would be an understatement.  I had no idea what to expect.  Would they be what I was expecting?  Would I be what they were expecting?  Thankfully, I had already met Holly and Mel several times, so I knew exactly what I was getting into once they arrived.  I am especially thankful that my nerves were unnecessary!  Brandi and Megan are such genuine people!  I am so glad to have finally met them!  It was also great meeting Faith, another Fort Wayne local. Hello, new running buddy!

Story time with Holly.

Friday night consisted of pasta dinner, lots of water, and very little sleep for me.  

Meredith, Kristie, Kara, Mel, Brandi, Megan, me, and Holly

Saturday morning I had my pre-race breakfast of two pieces of toast with peat butter and one egg.  Not being an experienced half marathoner I had no idea how much I needed to eat.  Turns out, I ate the perfect amount!

Once we left and headed into town my nerves about the race calmed.  I met up with the girls, we drank some more water, took pre-race pictures so if I died, there was proof that I at least started, went to the bathroom, and found our corral.  As soon as I entered the corral, I was calm and collected.  I knew I had a job to do, and I was determined to not die do that job.

Here's a recap of my thoughts mile by mile as I ran....

Mile 1 - I hope I can do this.

Mile 2 - Look at all these people running!  This is the moment I have been training for! Oh, there's a bathroom, wonder if Meg needs to go? 

Mile 3 - 5K complete and I'm feeling good!  Megan and Holly are by my side.  We're going to do this!

Mile 4 - Single digits remain!  I hope Holly is okay, she doesn't appear to be having any fun.

Mile 5 - Water!  Body check - legs?  Feeling good.  Breathing?  Calm and controlled. Dare I say this is fun?!?!

Mile 6 - Almost half way.  I wonder how far ahead Mel and Brandi are.

Mile 7 - Why did the guy on the hovaround just ask the people walking if they are okay?  How is he going to transport them if they arent?

Mile 8 - Well over half way!  5 more to go.  

Mile 9 - Knees are a little sore, must keep moving.  Crap!  The 2:20 pace team is behind me.  I cannot let them pass me!!

Mile 10 - I'm feeling okay, only 3.1 more.  

Mile 11 - There's Mom and Dad!!  I'm still smiling! (They were the push I needed to finish strong)  Beer shots!!  Just what I've been waiting for!

Mile 12 - This is the longest mile of my life! Where is the stadium??
              I wonder where R, Lee, Brooke, and Jen are?
              I see American Flags up ahead, that has to be them!!  I'm taking that flag with me!!

Mile 13 - (inside the stadium)  Look at all the people!  I can't believe this is almost over!  Smile and celebrate for the finish line camera!

First post-race photo.  Loved having these ladies there to
 cheer me on at the finish! 
I completed my first half marathon in 2:19.  


SO thankful for these 4 ladies!
They have no idea how much their support meant!
HUGE thanks to Brady Bands for providing the only headband I've ever worn that truly did not slip!

After everyone finished we walked over to The Dash-In for lunch and a surprise Baby Sprinkle for PregMeg.   It was great meeting so many new friends at the diner!

Then Megan got the best idea ever!  Post race pedicures!  Seven of us loaded up in my car and off we went to pamper our poor toes. I'm definitely doing this after every half!

After naps and MUCH needed showers, we met up for dinner and a headed to a place called Flashbacks (an 80's bar downtown).

Great way to end a great day! 

I was so humbled to have friends come from out of state to run with me.  I have been amazed by my husband who has believed from the day I registered back in April that I could do this.  He believed in me when I didn't believe in myself.  Our group of friends came out and tailgated by the finish line (even my best friend who is could-pop-anyday-pregnant!).  I couldn't ask for a better group of friends.  And my Mom and Dad, who have always been my number one fans were along the route.  I was so happy to see them! I wanted to hug them, but I didn't... I had a goal to beat!  :)    

I think the highlight of my race besides surviving was Holly telling me, post-race, "I just ran behind you for three miles and watched your tiny ass!"  NO ONE has ever called my ass tiny!  Thanks Holly!  You'll forever be the whipped vodka to my pineapple juice after that one!  

Bucket list update: Run a half marathon = check!


  1. You kicked ass Mustashley! I'm so glad we got to come run your first of many halves with you! You are everything I expected and more! :)

  2. What an amazing experience!! So proud of you! I hope my half is even half as awesome as yours was!

  3. That is awesome Ashley!!! So proud of all of you girls!

  4. Way to go!! Congrats on your first halk, sounds like an epic weekend :)

  5. That picture of you with the flag made me cry... so amazing, congrats on a job well done!!

    I literally LOL'ed at "I hope Holly is okay, she doesn't appear to be having any fun." Dying. DYING!!

  6. I am such a cry baby because the image of you with the flag totally makes me teary eyed. And I loved following your tiny ass around the first few miles... just wish I could keep up. :) So when is our next meetup? Memphis? :)

  7. I am crying reading this - I miss you so much. I had a wonderful time and you are amazing. I am so blessed to have you in my life.

  8. Way to go girlie! You should be sooo proud!