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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Tuesday Truths


-I picked up a fresh dog turd this morning - on purpose.

-I wish money grew on trees.

-June 21st is going to be an epic weekend.

-I am 4 pounds away from my Operation Red Bikini goal.  Holla!

-I've discovered a lump on Fenway's tail. I'm worried.

-I am determined to find mint jeans.

-The IRS says we didn't file our state taxes last year.  According to my checkbook {and accountant} we did.

-I'm loving the mint color trend going on right now.

-I'm not loving the high waisted jean trend going on.  Can we say "Mom jeans".

-29 students in one class is too many.

-I have a love of cute owl decorations.

-In 108 days R and I are going on vacation with my family for the fist time ever.  I can't wait!


  1. YES JUNE 21st the most EPIC DAY IN HISTORYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!