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Monday, March 4, 2013

Dead Batteries...

Hey girls, hey!

It's Monday, which is good enough reason to recap the weekend.

Friday, R had to go to Indianapolis for work and I headed out to celebrate my good friend, Kenny's birthday.  We ate at my favorite restaurant and then the plan was to go back to the home of one of the people out with us.  I knew I had an early morning on Saturday and didn't feel like driving out to the northeast side of town, just to come back to the southwest side a couple hours later {long story short... I went home}.

Middle of the night on Friday, I woke up with an upset stomach.  I couldn't decide if I was hungry or not feeling well.  So I tried ignoring it and attempted to sleep some more.

By Saturday morning, I was on and off the toilet every hour {I know... gross}.  I went to referee my last round of Upwards basketball games, still not feeling great, but thinking I just needed to eat something.   Not the case.  All Saturday afternoon and all day Sunday, I was on and off the toilet.  


Not. Fun.

This morning I felt slightly better {as long as there wasn't food in me}.  Then I went to leave for school and my car wouldn't start.  


I knew I needed gas, but I didn't think I was THAT low.  R was nice enough to go get a gallon of gas in the mower gas tank and put it in my car, but that didn't help.  So we hooked my car up to a battery charger.  Thankfully, my car started and I made it to the gas station {where I pumped my gas while the car ran because I was too afraid to turn the car off} and then to school.  I just went out and started my car at lunch - it started without any problems, but I'll be off to Hire's Auto after school to have my battery checked.  Fingers crossed it isn't anything more serious.  As of today, my car is paid off.  It sure would be nice to go without any car payment for a while.

On top of all that.... today is day 1 of my Advocare 10 Day Cleanse.  I've done this before and gotten good results.  I'm doing it again because, lately, my eating has been horrid!  Today's food is as follows:

7:30 - spark (mang strawberry)
9:30 (due to the car issues my breakfast was late) - fiber drink and Meal Replacement Shake (berry)
Noon - Dole Southwest Salad Kit (minus the cheese and sour cream
2:00 - raspberries
5:30 - baked chicken and steamed veggies
9:00 - Herbal Cleanse vitamins

With TONS of water all day long.

So far, everything I have eaten today is staying in.  My stomach doesn't feel great when there is food in it, but the food is staying in, so I'll count that as a win.

Cheers to a better start to my day tomorrow!!!


  1. AGH!!!!!!! Happy Day 1 of the cleanse and ugh... for the horrible stomach weekend problems - not cool at all.

  2. I'm doing the cleanse today too! I'm so excited to see the results I just hope they're as good as everyone elses (like Mel's) ha! pumping gas sucks! Hope you feel better :)

  3. That stinks about your weekend! If I am going to be sick, I want it to be during the week, when I can call in SICK!!!

    Sending good vibes your way about your car. It always seems like stuff happens as soon as those suckers are paid off, or right after the warrenty runs out!

  4. I hear you about the car thing. We had both of ours paid off and "Blacky" broke last year and we got a car payment.

    Mine is net UGH!

    Day 1 was great to me!!!

  5. New follower here!:) Hope your week is going better! I just paid my car off a couple of months ago and wouldn't you know it, this month I poured a ton of money into it! Grrr! Hope that's not the case for you!