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Thursday, March 21, 2013

It's The Little Things

Good Thursday to you all!

I just had a teacher I work with ask me a question that made my day... She made it a point to stop, wait for me to finish my conversation with the principal, and asked if I have lost more weight.  Truth is, I have lost maybe two or three pounds, but ever since I have been incorporating more strength training and not focusing so much on cardio only, my body shape is starting to change.  I haven't noticed myself, but it felt great that this teacher noticed.  I am only at this school two days a week and she has a student teacher, so honestly, I haven't seen said teacher for probably three or four weeks.  I guess that's enough to make a difference.  

I was semi stressed out about an event tonight at my other school and tired of handling drama and tattle-tailing all morning, so this definitely made my day.  

Thanks, Mrs. B!  You have no idea how your kind words turned my day around.

Happy Friday Eve, friends!


  1. So rewarding when someone else acknowledges your hard work!! And it's not family or friends that "have" to tell you, you look good, lol ... Great job girl, keep up the good work!! =)

  2. Just found your blog and love it!!! I have stalked your previous post...hope that doesn't freak u out :) and you Rock!
    I have just starting running and have my first race this Saturday... Lord baby Jesus in a manger pray for me!!!
    Any Hoo just wanted to say hello and congrats on your weight loss!!

  3. I wear your granddads clothes... I look increadible...
    THIS IS FUCKING AWESOME! bahhhhhhhhhhhhhh