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Wednesday, December 5, 2012


So What Wednesday
  • So what if I have NO idea what I want for Christmas.  I got the most beautiful ring from R and  I am one happy girl!  And... I love surprises!  {You're all welcome to send one, should you feel inclined.}  
  • So what if I have been coughing my brains out for the last 4 days when I go to bed at night.  It's not like R wants a decent night's sleep or anything.  I get this crap every year at this time.  ("Hello, Doctor.  Can I please make an appointment to get a shot in my a$$ and a Z-Pak?  Thanks.")  Tomorrow is the day I break down and go for that yearly visit.  
  • So what if I have a box of well behaved white wine, that also looks like water and has no flavor, in my fridge.  The alcohol content is still there and the looking like water part could work to my advantage.  Well played, Franzia, well played.
  • So what if I have a minor girl crush on Kristin and Nancy Clue.  Those two CRACK me up!!! I could die a happy girl if I got to meet them.
  • So what if my new outfit of choice is my charcoal Anything Goes Tunic, mustard Lenore scarf, and Holly leggings, and boots.  If you don't own anything from Kiki La'Rue you are missing out!  Becka is a fabulous gal with even better customer service!  
  • So what if I'm looking forward to spring!  Melanie and I have been discussing the possibilities of a STL, Indiana blogger meet up.  Aly and Holly, are you in?? 
  • So what if I just named dropped a million times.  A girl has to give shout outs to her people. 
  • So what if it's taking me longer than planned to paint my hutch.  Fingers crossed it gets finished tonight.  Homegirl is tired of parking outside. 


  1. I'm a Kiki La'Rue virgin. But I'm also pregnant. ;) Once this baby isn't occupying my body, I'm going to be making purchases there.

  2. STL is only 5 hours from me... I'm TOTES down with driving to meet up with all you bitches. Keep me in the loop! xoxo