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Monday, December 10, 2012

Moody Monday.

Dear Monday,

We are no longer friends.  Actually, we never were friends, I lead you to believe we had a good relationship, when in fact I have not cared for you for a long time.  Sorry, I'm not sorry for deceiving you.

This morning, however, you took my dislike for you to a whole new level.  When my alarm went off at 6:20 you decided to speed up time.  Somehow the minutes from 6:20-7:40 FLEW by this morning, thus causing me to be late leaving the house, with wet hair pulled up in a messy bun.  In addition, my plan to blog about my latest DIY had to be put on hold {sorry, Mel} due to me not having time to take the proper pictures, instead I spent time frantically running around the house trying to find something to pack for lunch {which got forgotten on the counter} while letting Fenway out to do his duty.

I have NO jewelry on, which is usually not a big deal, but this weekend I made a deal with my ladies at school that I would start "dolling up" my usually ensemble of sweats - today's ootd is my classic black yoga pants paired with a simple long sleeve plum shirt.  Intentions were to pair this with some fun teal earrings and a teal necklace.  {Who says the pe teacher can't wear jewelry?!?}  Day 1 of "operation jewel up Mrs. Hoppus" was a fail.  Thanks a lot, Monday.

In addition, someone {certainly not me} decided today would be a good day for Aunt Flow to visit {sorry, Hubby Jack, this is what you get for being the only male reader}. Thank goodness I was slightly prepared for her.  And by slightly, I mean not at all. {"Hello, I will be late to school.  I need to make a quick stop on my way....  Yes, I'm okay, just not prepared for Aunt Flow to visit."}

Lastly, my throat is killing me and I have a nice manly voice going on right now.  This isn't necessarily your fault, but I'm going to blame you anyway.  Hope you don't mind.

All that being said, I'll give you another chance to redeem yourself next week.  Until then, piss off, Monday.


  1. Damn you Monday! Here's to tomorrow being awesome!!!

  2. Monday's suck! I am right there with you. I had to be at my mom's to clean (I'm her housekeeper just for her (barfffff) at 10 and the time from 8:30 to 10 FLEW by too.

    Also, I nominated you for The Liebster Award :) Go check out my post to read all about it!

    I hope that brightens up your Monday some :)

  3. I hate that bitch Aunt Flow. Hope your week is looking up!