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Friday, January 31, 2014

Friday Facts

Oh, Friday, I've missed you! 

Here are my five facts...

1)  The heating unit in my gym at school is broken.... I'm bundled up and still cold.

2)  Today is payday... the third of the month.  Holla!

3)  Day 9 of my AdvoCare Herbal Cleanse -- I'm cranky.  And I want pizza.

4)  My make-up looks amazing today.  (Yes, tooting my own horn there.)

5)  I'm rooting for the Broncos this weekend!!!

On as side note.... What self tanners do you all use?  I've been using Tan Towels, but would consider switching to something different, but I need suggestions.  Thanks!!!


  1. I use the Banana Boat self tanning lotion and I really like it. The trick I found is after it dries pat on some baby powder all over (I guess it only kinda works if you put on the tanner in the evenings) so your skin doesn't feel sticky. Then wash it off in the morning. I like a lot of the spray versions but I can go through that stuff so fast! I usually go get a spray tan from a friend that does them in her home. She does a great job and then I just maintain with the lotion until the next time I go see her.

  2. Yay for good makeup days and GO BRONCOS! Omaha! Omaha!

  3. I use this and I love it. Super easy, not too smelly, and not streaky at all.