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Monday, January 27, 2014

A Lesson On Who's Really In Charge

A couple weeks ago I noticed my SUV would pull to the left when I drove.  I knew this meant my alignment was probably off and if I let it go, my tires would wear unevenly and it would be more costly.

I did what any responsible adult would do and made an appointment for an alignment check one day after school (at a nationally known business).  Thinking I knew the diagnosis, I didn't worry about it.  After sitting in the waiting area for about 20 minutes they called me to the desk. The man behind the counter proceeded to tell me not only was my alignment extremely off, but I had other issues that were very costly to repair.  When I saw the total at the bottom of the estimate sheet, I about died. 

I set an appointment for a couple days later to get everything fixed and went home overwhelmed.  I felt defeated as this was just another unexpected bill to add to the list. 

I decided to call a mechanic, who came highly recommended from a friend.  The mechanic, James, highly recommended I get a second opinion.  

The next day, James looked at my SUV.  The diagnosis -- the first place I had gone to lied.  My alignment was just slightly off, but the list of other repairs I got were completely unnecessary.  James suggested I get my tires rotated because they were wearing unevenly just from daily driving.  He also suggested I never buy Good Year tires again, as he has never had good experiences with them or seen good wear on any his customers have had.

I breathed a sigh of relief, but still felt overwhelmed.  What if James was wrong and the list I got from the first place was accurate.  How as I going to pay for the repairs?

I couldn't shake those thoughts so I went in and talked to a friend at school.  Her words were simple.  "God will provide."  I knew that in my heart, but in my mind, I still thought the "what if's."

I cancelled my appointment to have the repairs done at the first place and made an appointment at a third place.  I needed my oil changed anyway, so I asked the third place to rotate my tires as well.  They asked if it was just a routine tire rotation or for specific reason.  I briefly filled them in on the diagnosis I got from the first place and from James, then went at sat in their waiting room.  As I sat there, I kept thinking, "what if they find the problems the first place found?" 

Half an hour later, they called me up to the desk.  Their diagnosis..... the same as James'.  My alignment was just slightly off, but most of the issue was my tires needing to be rotated.  My total -- $15 (I had a coupon for a free oil change). 

My friend from school was right.  God had provided.  Sometimes I need the reminder that, in all aspects of life, I'm not the one in charge.  He is and He will always provide all I need.


  1. This always happens! Everytime I go to a big chain they give me a whole list of things that need to be done and it's never true! Glad you didn't have to fork out the money for nothing!

  2. So glad it all worked out... and yes, He always does provide! :)