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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Small Successes

Yesterday was weigh in day.  I was convinced that when I got to my WW meeting and stepped on the scale I would see the same number I had been seeing for WEEKS!  I even mildly tried to sabotage myself by running before my weight in.  I ALWAYS weigh more just after working out.  I called my husband and told him what I was doing.  He tried to discourage me and talk me out of it, but being the fabulous wife I am, I didn't listen.  :)  So, just a short two mile run later, I went home, changed clothes, and left for WW.

When I got there I stepped on the scale.  My thought was that I would be okay with a gain, because I know in the long run, I'm doing good by running.  What I saw amazed me!  I was down 1.2 pounds!  AMAZE-BALLS!  Not only did that drop me into the next tens group, but it's also the biggest loss I have had since MAY! I cannot tell you how excited I was!  DOUBLE AMAZE-BALLS!!  This loss puts me at 10 pounds total!

My motivation is back!

Today I brought clothes to run in after school.  This is Back To School night so I won't get home until 7ish, but I can leave school at 4 and the town where my school is has awesome sidewalks and is great for running! So, I have two options...I can either run right after school before Back To School night, or I'll hit the gym on my way home.  Either way... I WILL run!!!

More to come.....

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