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Monday, October 25, 2010

Pucker Up!

Last week was United Way week at Horace Mann Elementary. Our principal designated the counselor and related arts teachers to be in charge of the fundraiser. We wanted a fun and creative way to get the kids to bring in money. Our minds quickly decided that a contest was our best bet at getting kids to bring in their money. So, next we had to decide what the contest would be. With a little help from our principal, whose words were, "I will kiss a pig before I go in a dunk tank," we decided the person who raised the most money would do just that, kiss a pig.

Daily, we traveled the hallways in the morning going from class to class collecting money in three buckets... one with my picture on it, one with the counselor's picture on it, and one with the Principal's picture on it. And daily we heard several things from the students, "You're going to kiss a pig!!!", "You're my favorite, so I picked you!", and "You're my favorite, I would never pick you to kiss a pig!!"

Finally the day came... with over $130 accumulated in the bucket...

... I kissed the pig!!!

HOWEVER, our staff was "tricky" and added money to the counselor and Principal's buckets to even out the score (and somehow my bucket lost money) at $109 each. The counselor and a stand in for our principal (she was out of the building) were good sports and laid a big wet one on the pig as well. The students really got into it and we had fun encouraging them!

I am so proud of the students and staff at Horace Mann for contributing to such a good cause and sending more that $327 to the United Way!!! Way to go Huskies!!!

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