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Monday, May 24, 2010


Last Thursday I went to the mailbox, as I do everyday, hoping there would be something inside written in Ross's handwriting. This time... there was! I received three letters from Ross... on our anniversary nonetheless!

From the letters, he seems to be doing well. He referenced several times that church is the most enjoyable time for him right now. As he said, "it's a place where I do not have to march or seen an instructor. The only requirements is that you show a smile before entering the building." I am so glad he has that outlet right now. What a belessing!

Ross also said he is the laundry chief for his dorm. He says it is busy but a quiet place where he can study; stressful, yet rexaling all at the same time. I'm hoping he will have developed a love for doing laundry by the time he gets home! I asked in a letter if he has solved the lifelong mystery of "how DO you fold a fitted sheet?"

Today marks the beginning of week three. This week, Ross will be learning combat medical skills. He will learn skills to potentially save the life of a fellow Airman should the need ever arises. In a letter he said he is excited for this week.

As for me, I am doing pretty well. I have five days of school left. My last day of school marks the halfway point. Bring it on! June 30 cannot get here fast enough!!!!!

36 days!

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