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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Thoughts... "Remember That Time" Style

So I know I promised pictures of my Sugar Love Boutique finds, and I will do them, it's been a crazy busy week and I feel like I'm hardly treading water right now, so please be patient with me.  

Today I'm giving my thoughts Kimmy-style.  She is notorious for her "remember that time" stories.  

Remember that time I had two friends, both named Jennifer Miller programed into my phone and one of them texted me about getting free tickets to Snickerz (a comdey club here) and I didn't look closely to see which Jennifer Miller it was.  So I assumed it was Fatchick2fitchick, Jennifer Miller and text her back saying I was in for the show and we should get Holly, Melanie and their husbands to come up and go too.  To which she replied, "Who??"  Yea, that was Tuesday.

Remember that time I was Face Timing with Megan and Twilight Sparkle and Megan said, "Look at Ashley's hair!  Doesn't it look like Rapunzel?"  To which Twilight Sparkle replied, "No, only pretty girls have hair like Rapunzel."  Of course we died laughing.... but I got burned by a 4 year old.   Yea, that was also Tuesday.

Remember that time two teachers at school were in charge of our United Way Campaign, but I (and another teacher) did all the work.  Then when I had had enough and got a little snippy, one of the teachers "in charge" stopped me later and asked if I was feeling better.  I gave her a funny look and she replied with, "Well, I thought maybe you were PMSing with the way you crapped at me earlier."  Really?!?!?  Yep, also Tuesday.

Just a reminder:  If you would like and AdvoCare products, I have decided to donate 100% of my profits from now until he leaves the NICU to Lora and Baby Harper.   Several of us are starting the 10 Day Cleanse next Tuesday.   If you would like to join the fun, you can order HERE.


  1. Gotta love kids.... I love it when my children call me old and tell me I'm not pretty. It's pretty awesome!

    You are totally big time in my book!!!!

  2. ooooooo baby I love your waysssss.... everyday...... I wanna tell you I love your ways....every every singleeee dayyyyyyyy

  3. That sounds like a pretty rough Tuesday. :( I'm not sure what the last one was about, but I hope everything is ok now. It's no fun to be left out.

  4. So sorry that you had such a rough week (especially rough Tuesday). Hopefully things look up for you soon! Side note: I love Snickerz and definitely love the free tickets!! I can't start the cleanse on Tuesday but I will be placing an order soon for my co worker and I. Just keep swimming, Just keep swimming!! :)