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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

He's HOME!!!

Hey, hey!

Sorry to have been absent after announcing my return. 

R, his parents, youngest brother, and I road tripped it to Kansas to welcome his brother back to US soil after a 9 month deployment in Afghanistan. I am so proud of this kid.  His tour was not easy and he had several "close calls," but he made it.

At 1:00am on Thursday, February 14, this is what we saw...

My brother-in-law is right in the center of this photo.  

All the soldiers marched in through a big set of doors.  Stood at attention just long enough for their commander to give the official word of their return, and then they were released to hug their family members.  

My mother-in-law hugging her son for the first time in 11 months. 

I am so proud of this kid!
After picking Reed up from Post, we went back to the hotel, had a celebratory beer, and crashed.  After driving/traveling all day and being up until 1:30am getting Reed, we were all exhausted.

The rest of our time in Kansas was spent running errands with Reed, going to a movie, eating out, and just hanging out together.

Before leaving for Kansas, my Grandpa had mentioned to me that he was stationed at Fort Riley, back in his Army days.  While we were there, my Grandma texted me a couple pictures of she and my Grandpa on post.  One picture was of them next to a monument.

I made it my mission to find that monument and have a picture of R and me next to it, just like my grandparents had done in 1951. 

After a little driving around, we found the memorial.  I made our picture black and white, because that's how the picture of my grandparents is.  

Here's another one with the original side by side with one we took.  The only difference is the fence is now gone.  I was pretty geeked to have found this monument.  I told R it might be stupid to him and his brothers, but it meant a lot to me to find this monument and have our picture taken next to it.  It wasn't intentional, but after the picture was taken, we noticed R is standing almost exactly like my Grandpa is standing.  Love it!

The week also consisted of texting back and forth with Nancy Clue, as well as group texting with Mel and Kimmy.  As we passed through St. Louis on our way home I got even more excited about my trip there this summer.  

It's the understatement of the century to say I'm excited to meet Mel, Kimmy, Holly, and Hubby Jack!!! CAN'T. WAIT!!!!!

Get ready, St.L!!  You'll never be the same when we're done.

We arrived back in the great Hoosier state Sunday evening around 6:30.  

I am so relieve that my brother-in-law is home and safe now.  
Thank you all for your kind words on IG!  

Happy Tuesday, Rockstars!


  1. What a great weekend! I can't even imagine how amazing that felt to see your BIL come home. I saw a group of soldiers come home once at an airport, and lost my shit when I saw a little girl run up to her daddy.

    And may I say that I love the recreation picture? That is awesome!

    Glad you are back!

  2. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyy stl can't wait! Def frame the picture!