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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Favorites and Not-so-much

Let's take a minute and talk favorites.  We all have them... favorite people, favorite places, favorites things.   Because you're here to creep snoop into my life, here are some of my favorite things.

Youngblood Mineral Primer - This is a recent find - I'm talking as recent as 6 days ago.  When I got my make-up done for my cousin's wedding the miracle worker esthetician used this before applying foundation and it was love at first pump (that's what she said).  This stuff makes my skin feel so silky and it does the fabulous job of masking the huge pores around my nose that I was blessed with.

Sponge - I'm not completely sure what this gem is called, but I triple heart love it!  It's fabulous for applying my mask concealer and foundation.  The shape is great for getting in all the dips and cures around facial features. - You can get it at Ulta... you're welcome.  

FitBit - This little device is my technology bestie.  It is a pedometer, calorie burning counter, milage counter, and tracks how many flights of stairs I've climbed.  All this information is then wirelessly downloaded to my computer.  You can link up and be friends with other FitBit junkies and see their daily stats.  My sister-in-law and I used to have weekly contests to see who logged the most miles each week.  

Lantern and Candles - I'm a sucker for lanterns. There are several around my house.  I love the look of them (if anyone wants to send me one, I'll gladly accept).  Then there is my obsession with candles.  R would probably tell you I have a problem.  The entire area under the sink on our half bathroom is full of candles.  This ensemble comes to you from Crate and Barrel.  LOVE that place!!

Neutrogena Make-up Remover cloths - I always have a pack of these in the car.  They come in handy when on road trips and are amazing for pre-workout face washes. 

Hamilton Beach single serving blender - I love this for my morning AdvoCare meal replacement shakes - yes, I am continuing these from my 24 day challenge.  This blender is amazing for breakfast on the go.

Kettle Bell - We've been having an on-again-off-again love for a while, but since reading Megan's post on how she went all squat happy and developed fabulous legs, we've been regular with our love for each other.  It's a love that hurts so good.

 American Flag - This is a huge piece of my family.  My husband and a lot of our friends fight for the freedom this flag symbolizes.  I am forever grateful to them for what they do.

Now.... let's talk about some of my not-so-favorite-things (without pictures... I don't photograph things I loathe).

Alarm Clock - I despise being told what time to get up.  Nine times out of ten I wake up, before my alarm goes off, on my own.  If I trusted my internal alarm clock more I wouldn't set an external alarm, but not a chance am I going to trust that bish to get me up on time everyday.  She's let me down a time or two.  I'll stick with the annoyance that wakes me up on that off one out of ten mornings.

The History Channel - CONFESSION TIME: This possibly tops my list of least favorite things.  R triple heart loves it and watches at every opportunity.  I don't (usually) complain.  I use it as a chance to read the blogs I stalk follow, and check out Pinterest.  

Cavities - enough said.  And I'm pretty sure I have one right now. Big bummer - my dentist's office is closed until Monday so I can't make an appointment to get it fixed until then.  

Rude People - Everyone has their bad days, we're entitled to them.  However, if I'm not the cause of that bad day, don't take your frustration and anger out on me.  Period.

Shaving my legs - If it was socially acceptable for me not to, you can bet your hairless left leg I would boycott the whole process.  I hate the time it takes for the hour of baby-smoothness it provides.  If I was rich I would have laser hair removal so I would never have to shave again.

So, there you have it.  What are your favorite things?  Anything your loathe? Spill it ladies!

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  1. Love the face wipes too, for my lazy 'don't have time to wash my face' days :) That fitbit is so awesome, I love how you are competitve with it, sounds like something i would do! I loathe shaving too, it's such a pain in the ass.