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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Looking Ahead

With the start of a new year day comes new opportunities.  I am determined to make today, and the days ahead some of the best.  In order to do this, I have set goals for myself. 


Make trust and forgiveness my default mode.  

This is something I struggle with.   I have always been a person who will forgive (with time), but never completely trust again.  Once that trust is gone, I have no interest in allowing it to grow again.  I want to get to a place in life where trusting and forgiving come easier and more naturally to me. 


Adopt Makeout 2014

Christine from Pink So Foxy did an inventory of her make-up collection and discovered she had FAR more than needed.  As a result of this she made a contract for herself (Makeout 2013) allowing her to purchase 10 new "pieces" of make-up during the entire 2013 year.  Make-up is my weakness.  I love it.  I find a product I "just have to have" and buy it only to find a new product I "just have to have" not long after purchasing the previous product.  During 2014 I will be doing Makeout 2014 and allowing myself to purchase just 10 new "pieces" of make-up.  This includes foundations (after mine is gone) and brushes.  


Be more organized.

I am in the process of organizing my life... Starting with my bathroom vanity and linen closet.  I am getting rid of a lot of "stuff", so it's time to organize what's staying here.  

I recently bought these drawers (found here and here) for my bathroom to organize my make-up and assess what all I truly have (see also: Makeout 2014).
Other areas or organization include my bills (I bought all the components for Nina's Bill Book, but never put it together), clothes (so many things I don't wear, but can't seem to part with), closets in guest rooms, and garage.   Good thing I have a year.  


Run the Fort For Fitness Half Marathon again... and PR.

So there they are... my big goals for the coming months. What goals do you have?

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