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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

My Friends Are Like Make-Up Brushes

I've never been the type of person who identifies with just one group of people.  Throughout life I have always  been friends with several different "groups".  I have always been the type of person with an awesome mixture of friends.  

Like my make-up brushes, each friend is unique in what they bring to my life.  No two people are exactly the same, and I love that.  Each one has a uniqueness about them that drew me to that person from the beginning.

Some of my friends, like my make-up brushes, I am in contact with on a daily basis while others I see just occasionally.  However, that doesn't mean I care less about those I don't see as often.  

I have some friends that have been with be for years, while others I have only had for a short while.  Regardless, like my make-up brushes, I have a hard time getting rid of friends.  I am the type of person that once I consider you a friend, I hold tight to our friendship.  Time may pass without seeing each other and being able to talk, but I will always be there for my friends. 

So, this is for all of you whom I have ever laughed with, cried with, ran with, reminisced with, hugged, or simply chatted with.  Thanks for being one of my make-up brushes.  Without all of my, my set wouldn't be complete.


  1. I see myself in the pic above!! The short chubby brush, that one is me! :)

  2. Wow, so funny that I am reading this blog entry you wrote. I literally blogged about the exact same thing earlier this week. I completely get where you're coming from!