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Friday, June 21, 2013

Wedding Link Up

I'm linking up today with Holly and Mel (whom I will be with in real life in less than 24 hours!!!) to tell you a little about my wedding.


R and I started dating in December of 2001.  We got engaged in August of 2004 and then married in May of 2006.  Yes, that was a long engagement, but we were both still in school and wanted to wait until we were done.
Location: R and I got married at the church we still attend today.  Emmanuel Community. It was a rather large wedding (probably 200+ people there).  My dress was simple, but it was me.  As for shoes, I wore ballet slippers -- the same ballet slippers my Mom wore when she and my Dad got married.

When I graduated from high school I had a picture taken with my Mom and Grandma.
It was fitting that during this next big milestone, I have another picture with them.

The summer before we got married my parents went to Israel.  When they came back, as part of our Christmas gifts, they gifted us the above necklaces.  In Hebrew they say, "I am my beloved's and my beloved is mine."  Since, Biblically, you are not your beloved's until after you are married, we wore each other's necklace then switched as part of our wedding ceremony.  I love that it made our ceremony unique and "ours".

Colors/Bridal Party: We each had 4 people stand in our wedding.  I had my cousin, a friend from college, a friend from high school, and a friend whom I've literally known forever stand as my MOH.  R had his two brothers, my brother, and a friend of ours from high school.  My girls wore periwinkle.  I always thought I wanted my girls to wear a pale yellow, but when I found this color I loved it.  We all carried cream flowers.

First Dance Song: Our first dance was to a song called, "That's When I Love You" By: Aslyn
 It was a song I found a month before our wedding when my Mom, Grandma, and I went to North Carolina to visit my Uncle and Aunt (then girlfriend).  I loved the song instantly and knew it was the one R and I would dace to.


Honeymoon:  The day after our wedding we went back to Michigan {we briefly lived there... I hated it, but that's a post for another day}, then to Chicago that Monday and off to Puerto Vallarta.  It was our first time going all-inclusive, and it was FANTASTIC!  

What would you change?:  Nothing.  It was a great day.  We got married young, but I wouldn't change a thing.

Sorry for the picture quality.  I didn't want to scan these, so you get pictures of pictures from our album.  You'll be okay.  


  1. I love love love the meaning behind the necklaces. That might be my favorite part!! And I can't wait to see your face!!

  2. I love that you were able to wear your mom's shoes. super sweet! Can't wait to crash your party tonight and meet you at Holly's!

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