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Monday, July 5, 2010

Lackland AFB

Finally! After 56 days my countdown ended!

One week ago I flew down to San Antonio, Texas and proudly watched as Ross graduated from Air Force BMT. I cannot describe the pride I felt while watching him receive his Air Force coin from his MTI! Wow!!

I am also incredibly proud of the person he has become. His confidence and character have grown tremendously! It is so awesome to see him so confident and social! Yes... I said social! It is obvious that others looked up to Ross while they were at BMT.

The guys who went through this program with him are also incredible. These guys have such an amazing bond. Ross, and the 48 other Airmen went to hell and back together to get to where they are now. I did not meet a single person whose intentions I questioned. Each Airman is unique in his own way, yet provides so much stability and strength to the group. I pray these are guys Ross is able to keep in touch with forever. They have become part of his family, and in turn, part of mine.

I am so thankful for Ross' MTI for instilling the qualities necessary for being an American Airman into my husband, and proud of each and every member of the 320th training squadron, flight 446 for all they have achieved... together!!!

And can I just say... It felt SO good to give Ross that first hug!!!!

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    Haha just kidding.

    I loved reading about this journey!